Monday, May 23, 2011

Techie-guys are Not from Mars!

“Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus” a popular phrase used nowadays thanks to the book dedicated to the matter of the sexes.

Living and dating in the Tech community, I can certainly assure you Tech-Guys are far and away from Mars… They tend to mark the point of no return just like the black hole-- reflecting nothing. This certainly explains their fashion sense, social interactions, and sense of romance =)

There is a dire need for the Tech (guy) community to get a thorough education in the art of Fashion, Romance, and Social interactions. One may disagree, but then ask yourself WHY companies, such as: GeekMeetsChic or Fashion Experts are a smashing success and in high demand by Techie-Guys requesting to change from Jeans and a T-Shirt get-up to a more trendier look? I am not one to complain; nonetheless, THEY NEED HELP!

With this note, will YOU be willing to act as a Fashion-Police to your CEO, C-Level Executive, or boss? Would you notify them that they need professional help to enhance and bring forth their hidden traits? It’s not as easy said than done. I have tried on numerous occasions by indirect hints here or there to friends and an acquaintance regarding this matter yet the message was lost in translation. Mental note: one has to be willing and only then bad habits slowly disappear.

It’s the same concept of why geeks are so eager to learn the new ways of technology and gadgets. Or simply spending hours and hours playing Video games; yet, they cannot afford to spend 5 minutes to dress themselves, style their hair, and shave. Or, my favorite to Text or call their “special” someone. What happened to chivalry? The days when a guy would make the effort to woo and sweep a girl of her feet? I know it still exists, doesn’t it?!!

It’s funny how the Techie females though are quite fashion forward. I guess we naturally have that particular DNA =) Lucky us!

So, dear readers, if you have a geeky / techie friend, do us all a favor and treat them to some coffee. Have a heart-to-heart chat with them or send them my way ;-)

Yours Truly,


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