Sunday, June 26, 2011

Become a Tech Savvy Superwoman

Tech Savvy Superwomen! - My Guest Blog Post for CRAVE

As Christina Aguilera’s song goes: “what a girl wants, what a girl needs…” is her technology! The women of our times are no longer perceived as too frail but independent individuals. We are the SUPERWOMEN of this generation and rightfully so! It’s doesn’t come as a shocker to be walking down the street and seeing a well-suited woman with an iPad and iPhone in one hand and a child in the other. Technology is the new helping hand and luxury, making our world and lives a much happier place! How so? Allow me to demonstrate, with one click: a dinner party is planned, a trip is booked, and your children’s classes are registered, all accomplished in a snap while on a conference call!
Nowadays, we take technology for granted and sometimes forget to appreciate what it has done for every household. It is so integrated in our daily lives we tend to forget what life would be without it…? It’s frightening to even imagine! To further demonstrate this, here are a few applications I use and cannot live without, enjoy:
Hashable: the ultimate networking app. which allows the capability to exchange business cards, make easy intros, and ‘check-ins’ with people to track meetings and calls. Let’s not forget… GO GREEN! Not only will you be killing fewer trees, cutting cost, but will be feeling good too!
Bump: Want to share something with a friend or someone you just met? It allows you to text them for free!!!! You read it, FREE! Now that is what I call a sweet-deal!
Date Saver Platinum: Ever been on a date and needed to use the bathroom but felt embarrassed? Well, no more because the Date Saver is here to help! Phew! You can say goodbye to turning on faucets, wasting water and electricity.
Square: Start accepting credit cards today. It transforms your iPhone or iPad into an elegant point of sale. Whether you are having a garage sale or have started a small business, Square has made it easier to accept Credit Card payments on the go. WOW!
So, next time you feel like bringing out that “geeky-ness” and discover new ways to improve your life… take a tour of an App Store and see what you’ll find!

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